​​We create experiences to bring you back here! 


​​Venice has a very fragile environment and we, Venezia1937, decided to change in order to protect it. Discover how

​Tourism and its environmental impact continues to be a threat, ​for Venice, but we have the solution! 
Whether it's an event, a tour, or simply a transfer, we offer carbon-neutral services that include an ​evaluation of how much your presence weighs in terms of CO2 consumption and its compensation through economic support for certified environmental interventions implemented directly in the lagoon.
In a fishing valley in the lagoon of Venice, we cultivate macro-algae and phytoplankton that absorb CO2.
Contribute to its preservation for you and for future generations: Venice is yours too! 

MICE & Events

​Would you like to organize a tailor-made exclusive event in Venice?
What if it was carbon neutral too?
We will help you in spoiling your guests making them participate to the preservation of Venice. You could make the difference!

Travel Experiences

​Would you like to live an experience that will let you discover Venice from a new point of view perspective?
What if it was carbon neutral too?
Become a protagonist: you can contribute to the preservation of Venice for you and the future generations. Venice is yours too!


​​Would you like to be part of the change from your next trip?
Whether you travel alone, with your family or in group, we can organize your transfer and compensate for CO2 emissions directly in the lagoon: Venice is yours too!



​The history of tourism in Venice is, in some aspects, also the history of Venice1937, an story rich of traditions and great changes

Our roots

​Our roots date back in June 1st, 1937, when the Gruppo Portabagagli del Porto di Venezia was established due to the obligation to regulate baggage handling services for docked ships, dictated by a Royal Decree.
At that time, Venice was one of the main destinations for elite tourism, heir of the 19th century Grand Tours. The port was a hub of city activity, a constant back and forth of Italian and international aristocracy and bourgeoisie, attracted by the charm of Venice. These are the years of the great merchant ships and transatlantic ships that, in addition to goods, carry migrants seeking fortune towards the Americas.

agenzia per il turismo a venezia
The economic boom
bacari a venezia

​​The war and its destructive bombings spare the city that arrives undamaged in the 1950s and its economic boom. In 1954, Santa Lucia Station is inaugurated, but this do not bring the attention away from the port and its continuous flow of tourists passing through.
From the 1960s to the 1990s, international mass tourism develops, the one of organized tours by bus or charter flights, aided by the creation of the Tronchetto parking island (1957-1961) and the opening of the Marco Polo International Airport (1960).
The Group grows more and more, becoming a recognized reality and witness of this particularly flourishing period for the city.
The number of tourists grows exponentially too and the impression is like the city is becoming a sort of Disneyland.

New millennium

​We arrive at the new Millennium: low-cost flights and the opening of new markets, such as the Chinese and the Indian, open the doors to billions of new potential tourists who want to see Venice. Among the new visitors there is a significant increase in cruise passengers: Venice has become the second home port in the world. It is the era of the “Grandi Navi” but also the one of the “Mose” to try to stop the high tides that are becoming more and more frequent. The Cooperative, that is the natural evolution of the Gruppo Portabagagli del Porto di Venezia, is in full economic expansion and thanks to continuous demand, other complementary services are added to the landing, boarding and baggage storage service: a fleet of “Gran Turismo” boats and passenger transport vehicles. In 2015 the new brand Venezia1937 was founded in 2015, in the moment in which we started to feel the need to diversify the services. Venezia1937 inherites the experience gained over the years but gradually taking its own position, separating from the port to dedicate itself to the entire city.

piazza san marco e turismo a venezia
giri in gondola a venezia

​We arrive at nowadays: the lockdown imposed by the pandemic, an empty and abandoned Venice, and discussions about the sustainability for the restart of its tourism. All of these things we went through in the last years, lead us to a reflection on Venice’s and our future. Since we have been involved from the beginning of its tourist development, with all the pros and cons that this has entailed, we have learned, even by making mistakes, that we need to act and not just stand by. At Venezia1937, we want to be promoters of a change in how tourism is done in Venice. For us it is necessary to preserve and protect our beautiful city. For this reason, we have decided to start a journey that will make us a carbon-neutral DMC and tour operator, offering services that seek to minimize their impact on the ecosystem and are attentive to support and in harmony with local communities. We aim to create a bond between traveller and Venice. We also commit to offering services that include compensation for the presence of the tourist and their harmful emissions, with direct interventions in the lagoon. (For the project, click here) It's an ambitious journey, but as Venetians, we're not afraid to chart new routes!


​We are committed to actively contribute in promoting responsible tourism making it more sustainable and Carbon Neutral, involving the tourist in the preservation and future of Venice.


​​Our aim is to have a sustainable and carbon neutral tourism in defence of Venice.

​Our core values of creativity, transparency, quality and reliability are integrated with our way of seeing the future with innovation and the desire to make tourism less impacting on the fragile environment of Venice.


venezia agenzia servizi per i turisti


​Discover Venice and contribute to preserve it: Venice is yours too! Responsible and sustainable tourism can support the protection of lagoon ecosystems and assist Venice in the fight against climate change.

​We are at your disposal, contact us!

​DMC - TOUR OPERATOR INCOMING specialized on experiences that aim to create a link between traveller and Venice, that try to minimize the impact on the ecosystem and that are supportive and in harmony with local communities.

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