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​​​Create your own Murano glass jewelry

​You will surely be fascinated by the thousand colours and the thousand shapes of Murano glass jewelry!
Maybe you don't know that they are created using lots of small pieces of coloured glass rods whose name is Murrina. The glass master will reveal you the secrets of his laboratory and the production phases.
You will also have the opportunity to test your creativity, using the colours of the glass rods in order to create your own composition by combining the Murrina to create a unique design following your imagination.
Then the composition you created, will be fused and worked in order to obtain a pendant or a magnet.
Your jewelry will have even more value if you think that the emissions generated by your transport to Murano are directly compensated in the lagoon and are already included, making your tour carbon neutral.
One more reason to show off your jewelry to your friends! 

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