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​What are Blue Carbon Credits?

​Blue Carbon Credits are certified carbon credits generated through the natural processes of CO2 absorption and storage carried out by marine ecosystems.

​​How do carbon credits work?

​Carbon credits are certificates equivalent to one ton of CO2 absorbed or not emitted thanks to an environmental protection project. They are traded to offset emissions generated by the activities of an individual or a company.

​What do you mean with “offsetting”?

​Offsetting is the process that allows the replacement of the usage of one environmental resource with a resource considered equivalent

​What is the Blue Economy?

​The Blue Economy is an innovative sector that aims to create a sustainable economic system capable of having a positive impact on the health of our oceans.

​What do you mean with “sustainable tourism”?

​Sustainable tourism is based on three principles: respect for environment and nature, an ethical approach towards the communities and locations involved and an economic model that promotes social inclusion and sharing of economic well-being.

​​What is the impact of tourism on the environment?

​The tourism sector generates approximately 8% of global CO2 emissions every year. (Nature, 2018)

​​What do you mean with “experiential tourism”?

​Experiential tourism is a form of active tourism that aims to involve travellers in a series of activities with a strong personal, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional impact that allows them to interact with local people, creating a bond with their history and traditions.