To be a Cooperative means for us to have the skill to look all around and work for the others.

For this reason the Cooperativa Portabagagli del Porto di Venezia has been always socially active.

“HOGAR MI FAMILIA”: it’s a project by the association “Una Strada onlus”, that offers continuative moral and economic support for children with family and school problems, living situations of high social rise.. Portabagagli del Porto di Venezia supports the Association and volunteers since 2010.

“AMICI DELLA LAGUNA E DEL PORTO”: it’s the place where the economic realities of the Lagoon and the port of Venice can support together social projects through seminary, event, fund raising. With the first event "UNA STAFFETTA PER SAMMY" - 08 august 2015. Association established the objectives to sensitize public opinion on rare diseases.

“COLLETTA ALIMENTARE”: Since 2015 the Venezia 1937 network operators have been offering themselves as volunteers for the logistic management of the beneficence foodstuffs raising for Venice. In 2016 our participation will be stronger!!!!